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IDSA 2009 China Tour
—— The Essence Seminar on Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal Infection

The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) is an international authority of the academic organizations in the field of infectious diseases. As a representative for clinicians, researchers, and other healthcare professionals in the field of infectious diseases, it always considers improving the health level of individuals and the whole society as its tenet. IDSA clinical practice guidelines have been an important reference for clinicians to rationally select anti-infective agents all the time, and have received widespread attention by doctors all over the world.

Authorized by IDSA, elaborately planned by EMD, the conferences 2009 IDSA China Tour —— The Essence Seminar on Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal Infection were solemnly held in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, respectively, from November 20 to 22, 2009, with other 16 cities across the country simultaneously covered so that more Chinese clinicians would share this event at the first time. The IDSA expert panel composed of members from IDSA clinical practice guideline panel, Dr. Daniel K. Benjamin Jr., Dr. John Robert Perfect and Dr. Brahm H. Segal, were present at each conference site, provided for their Chinese counterparts in-depth insights into the strategies of diagnosis and treatment and the recommendations for treatment agents in IDSA guidelines, shared the latest research progress in the treatment of aspergillosis, and carried out in-depth communications and discussions with Chinese doctors on issues focused by them.

Dr. Benjamin from the Duke University Medical Center was the first to interpret the epidemiology of invasive candidiasis for his Chinese fellows, further analyzed and compared the treatment characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and safety evaluation between the commonly used antifungals, and gave a brief summary for the drug recommendations in the IDSA Clinical Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Candidiasis. He also proposed to establish individualized treatment regime based on various patients. Subsequently, Dr. Perfect, who also came from the Duke University Medical Center, focused on the elaboration of the diagnostic methods for aspergillosis and other invasive fungal infections, and emphasized the importance of early and correct diagnosis of aspergillosis. Finally, Dr. Segal reported the latest research advances in the treatment of invasive aspergillosis, among which, data from randomized clinical trials on two of the most important antifungal agents, i.e. amphotericin B and voriconazole, the limits of prophylactic antifungal treatment and the possibility of future immunotherapy were specifically elaborated.

During the meetings, domestic authoritative scholars in the field of infectious diseases, Professor Xie Canmao, Professor Wang Fu, Professor Wang Aixia and Professor Shao Zonghong, respectively served as the conference chairman in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, emceed the on-site meetings, and communicated and discussed with the IDSA experts. For the diagnosis and treatment focuses and cutting-edge developments of fungal infections concerned by the Chinese doctors, Chinese and foreign experts carried out in-depth communications and discussions, and unanimously recommended to formulate the optimal strategies for diagnosis and treatment in combination of Chinese practice.

In sum, the three IDSA experts not only shared with their Chinese fellows the latest diagnosis and treatment essence and guideline-emphasized recommendations for aspergillosis and candidiasis, but also proposed summarized suggestions for the antifungal treatment practice in China. This seminar will definitely provide solid assistance and improvement for the practice of Chinese front-line clinicians, and bring benefits for more patients with infectious diaseases.

2009 IDSA中国行


20091120-22日,由IDSA授权、EMD公司精心策划的“2009 IDSA中国行 ——真菌感染诊疗精粹研讨会”分别在广州、上海和北京隆重召开,同时覆盖了全国其他16个城市,使更多的中国临床医生第一时间共享此次盛会。由IDSA临床实践指南专家组成员Dr. Daniel K. Benjamin Jr.、Dr. John Robert PerfectDr. Brahm H. Segal组成的IDSA专家团亲临各大会场,为中国同道深入解读IDSA指南中的诊疗策略及治疗药物推荐,分享曲霉病治疗最新研究进展等,并对中国医生所关注的焦点与之进行深入交流与讨论。

首先,来自美国杜克大学医学中心的Dr. Benjamin为中国同道解读了侵袭性念珠菌病的流行病学情况,并进一步分析比较了常用抗真菌药物的治疗特点、优缺点及安全性评价等,并对IDSA念珠菌病治疗临床实践指南中的药物推荐进行了简要总结。他还提出了根据不同的患者,制订个体化的治疗方案。随后,同样来自杜克大学医学中心的Dr. Perfect重点解读了曲霉病及其他侵袭性真菌感染的诊断方法,并向大家强调了关于曲霉病早期诊断、正确诊断的重要性。最后,Dr. Segal向大家报告了侵袭性曲霉病治疗的最新研究进展,其中重点阐述了两性霉素B与伏立康唑两大抗真菌感染药物的随机临床试验数据,及预防性抗真菌治疗的局限性和未来采用免疫治疗的可能性。